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Banff Fire Hall

201 Beaver Street, 1935

Many of Banff's landmark buildings were constructed during the Great Depression. At this time, the federal government began an extensive public works program in the national parks. This building was originally constructed in 1935 as the Central garage, a facility required by the national Parks Engineering Service for the repair of equipment used in road maintenance construction projects. In 1963, the building was converted to a fire hall, replacing an existing one on Banff Avenue.

The National Parks Architectural Division developed a picturesque, rustic approach to design in the parks. The fire hall's gabled wood roof, half-timbering , and Rundle rock cladding were typical of this "Rocky Mountain" style. Although the building was extensively renovated and a north wing added in 1994, the facades of the historic structure facing Beaver and Caribou Streets remain largely intact.

Banff Fire Hall


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