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Bow River Bridge

Banff Avenue, 1923/1980's

After the discovery of the Banff Hot Springs in 1883, a bridge was required to provide access to the Springs' site on the south side of the Bow River. A temporary pontoon bridge was the first Banff crossing of the Bow River and was situated immediately west of the current bridge. In 1887, a permanent steel truss bridge built by William Brewster replaced the original pontoon bridge. When replaced by the current bridge in 1923 the second bridge was disassembled and moved to provide the current crossing of the Spray River on the Banff Springs Golf Course.

The 1923 three pier bridge was designed by Dr. E. Brydon-Jack, a federal public works engineer. The bridge is adorned with small river stones and capped by local Rundle rock. Calgary artist James L. Thomson designed the six Indian Head reliefs formed in pre-cast concrete that adorn both sides of the bridge structure. In the early 1980;s the bridge's deck was rebuild and widened to incorporate an additional traffic land and wider pedestrian sidewalks.


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