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Banff Video Tour - Quirky Banff

Quirky Banff

How to build an Igloo!!!

Improvised igloo building on the Vermillion Lakes outside Banff, Alberta, Canada, using a recycling bin, a toboggan and tools from the local hardware store.

Why do Mounties dress that way?

Ever wonder why the famous Royal Canadian Mounted Police dress that way? Find out in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Snowplow Tour of Banff

Who better to ask for winter driving advice than a snowplow driver? Experience all the best views and find all the wildlife in Banff.

Merman Legend of Banff

Half-man, half-fish, the mummified remains of the Merman are found at the back of the Indian Trading Post in Banff, Alberta, Canada.

The Town Bikes of Banff

Banff and Lake Louise are famous for their mountain biking, but you'll see locals riding to work and touring Banff Avenue on their high-end town bikes.

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