Jessica Yaacoub

Meet Jessica from Red Earth Spa:

Melting stress at Banff’s hidden-gem calm oasis

With so much to see and do in Banff National Park, it’s common to push yourself to pack as much as possible into every day. But when you’re burning through a lot of physical and mental energy, remembering to recharge is more important than ever.

For the perfect escape from buzzing crowds and busy days, Red Earth Spa is one of Banff’s best-kept secrets. Tucked away in the Banff Caribou Lodge, it’s quite literally a hidden gem.

A full-service spa, Red Earth Spa offers a variety of signature treatments, from massage therapy and facials, to hand, foot and body treatments, to waxing and tinting. Most importantly, you’ll find comfort and relaxation here – and a genuine sense of ambiance created by a happy team.

So whether you’ve been hiking or kayaking, skiing or snowshoeing, or racing between turquoise lakes and scenic viewpoints, you’re in good hands. As the team gets ready to offer another beautiful summer of relaxation, we caught up with Jessica Yaacoub, Lead Esthetician at Red Earth Spa, to hear why she loves her work, what makes the spa unique, its bestsellers and must-try treatments, how it surprises guests, and more. Check out our Q&A below!

Jessica Yaacoub
Red Earth Spa
Jessica Yaacoub

BLC: What makes life great here at Red Earth Spa? What makes your work rewarding?

JESSICA: There’s a lot that I love the most! I enjoy interacting with guests, sharing advice, and most of all I love treating skin, especially facials. When you help others feel good, it makes you feel good too. Our team also makes this a great place to work. They are beautiful, easygoing people – we’re like a family and we take care of each other just like we do for our guests.

BLC: Can you tell us about the spa’s signature treatments? What are your best-sellers?

JESSICA: Guests really love our couple’s massage, our smooth earth pedicure, and our Eminence Organics facial treatment – it’s designed to deeply hydrate, clarify, and protect skin from the dry mountain air in Banff. Our longer treatments, like massages and facials, are most popular with visitors, while our shorter treatments, like manicures and pedicures, are most popular with locals. Our guests are usually here to relax and be pampered – it makes their day extra special, especially after skiing or snowboarding in winter, or climbing or hiking in summer.

BLC: Can you tell us something guests often don’t know? What surprises them about the spa?

JESSICA: We have some nice little touches which add to the experience. Spa guests have full access to the Banff Caribou Lodge hot pool, steam room and exercise room on-site, and we have some lovely spaces you can relax at the spa before, during and after your visit. We also add quite a few extras with our treatments, such as aromatherapy and extra massage treatments – such as face and scalp, foot and leg, hand and décolletage massages. Based on the person’s individual needs, we also include chemical peels with some facial treatments, which are a beautiful way to enhance results.

BLC: What inspired you to pursue a career in the esthetics industry?

JESSICA: I started studying business in Toronto, but it wasn’t for me. I’d always been interested in the beauty industry, so I changed to esthetics at Seneca College and it was a very natural fit. We learned everything related to the industry, from the anatomy of the face and body, to the theory behind ingredients in different products. It was a lot to learn over a challenging three-year course, with a full year of medical esthetics, plus two years of traditional esthetics.

BLC: How did your path lead you to from Toronto to Banff and Red Earth Spa?

JESSICA: After graduating, I worked in esthetics at The Westin Hotel and medical clinics in Toronto. When I saw this job online, I knew I wanted to work in Banff – I’ve always loved the mountains and snowboarding, so it just clicked. I was thrilled to get the job and moved out here in late 2016. I’ve been in the industry for almost 10 years now, and I love it.

BLC: Can you tell us about your role? What does a typical day look like for you?

JESSICA: It’s different every day! Most days will include setting up treatment stations, preparing products, checking bookings, providing treatments, and helping guests and the team. I took on the Lead Esthetician role after 1.5 years. I love sharing my knowledge, and while I might be in the supervisor role, it has been a great opportunity to learn with my team as well.

BLC: What do you love about life here in the Rockies?

JESSICA: I live in Canmore work in Banff. They’re both small towns and the people are so friendly, and there are endless activities so you’re never bored. I usually work 4 longer shifts a week, with 3 days off, and it’s great to have this schedule so I can make the most of my days off and be active outdoors. In winter, I love to go snowboarding at Lake Louise, then in the warmer months, I love kayaking, hiking and indoor rock climbing. For me, life in the city just isn’t the same. It’s everything I hoped for here, and I want to stay as long as I can.

BLC: So, what makes Red Earth Spa special? Why is this the best place to relax in Banff?

JESSICA: It feels like home – the clients and the team are amazing. There’s never a bad day. Banff is a special place, and everyone is just glad to be here in the mountains. Having a great work environment means we have a very happy team, and that makes the calm atmosphere very genuine. We love what we do, it adds to the experience and our guests really appreciate it.

Jessica Yaacoub
Jessica Yaacoub
Jessica Yaacoub

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