Reservations Team

Making adventures a reality:
Meet the Reservations Team at Banff Lodging Co.

Phones ringing, keys tapping. Answering questions, making bookings, and bringing much-anticipated vacations to life. Helpful voices, friendly faces, mountain-view desks – and many a head wearing a cozy toque/beanie.

This is the scene of a typical day for the Reservations Team at Banff Lodging Co – and it’s easy to see why the team of 12 feel right at home in their work.

Reservations Team

Anto and Laura

“Across the different departments, and all the way to the management team, everyone is approachable and gets along really well – it’s a very friendly environment to work in,” says Reservations Supervisor Kaela Meginess.

Operating 9 hotels, 8 restaurants, and 2 spas in the heart of Banff National Park, Banff Lodging Co. receives a significant volume of enquiries year-round – with an average of 400 calls per day, and up to 550 calls per day in the busiest summer periods.

Thanks to a thorough training program, it’s all in a day’s work – the team knows this multi-faceted business like the back of their hand.

“Every day is different when you’re speaking with callers from all around the world. It’s fun to share advice about what makes Banff a special place, and how guests can make the most of their visit,” Kaela says.

“Even over the phone, you can tell by people’s voices how excited they are to book their stay – whether it’s their anniversary, honeymoon, or a holiday they’ve been dreaming of for years. It’s nice to be a part of that.”

Antonietta Sarro, Kaela’s predecessor, joined the team as Reservations Supervisor in 2015. Nicknamed “Anto”, she now leads the team of 12 as Assistant Reservations Manager.

Anto says she was drawn to work at Banff Lodging Co. after moving from Calgary to Banff, and hearing of the employee-owned company’s strong reputation.

“Even over the phone, you can tell by people’s voices how excited they are to book their stay – whether it’s their anniversary, honeymoon, or a holiday they’ve been dreaming of for years. It’s nice to be a part of that.”

“I love it here – having room to grow within the company, the freedom to achieve my goals, the variety of the role, the opportunity to problem-solve and manage a great team, and the support of my own fantastic manager [Cathy Geisler, Reservations Manager],” Anto says.

“The company hires staff across a wide range of ages and backgrounds, and here in our team I love the youthfulness we have right now. Many of our agents are as young as 20, through to their mid 20s – and it keeps me young,” Anto laughs. “They’re fun, they’re reliable, and they’re great at multi-tasking. I’m proud of who we have on board.”

Thinking back over the last three years, Anto says highlights for the team have been smashing multiple sales records, and receiving excellent feedback from guests.


“I’m very proud to hear positive comments about our Res Agents, whether it’s over the phone, via email, or through the company’s social media accounts. It helps me validate that I’m doing a good job as a manager, too,” Anto says.

“One time, a guest from Japan checked into their hotel and sent a beautiful gift of Japanese fans here to head office. They wanted to say a special thank you to our Agent for taking the time to answer their questions,

Kaela and Maleah

giving them the best advice for their circumstance, and recommending this hotel where they really enjoyed their stay. Our Agent thought she was just doing her job, so it was really nice to hear that she had made their holiday extra special.”

Anto says a great motivator for the Reservations Team is its fun staff incentive program, launched in September 2015 – tracking reservations, phone statistics, and weekly and monthly revenue, and rewarding agents with company credits and gift cards in recognition of their work.

Reservation Team

Antonietta Sarro, Reservations Supervisor

“My biggest focus is staff retention and making sure my team is happy. Our incentives promote a sense of friendly competition, while also encouraging the team to work together to reach our goals. We’ve had a great response – and it definitely encourages a lot of fun banter.”

On top of the work environment and great team, Anto says there’s a lot to like about working for one of Banff’s best-known hospitality groups.

“The whole company is lucky to have a lot of generous staff perks and loyalty benefits. We have the opportunity to own shares in the company, to earn anniversary bonuses which increase based on years of employment, and great discounts across a number of company-owned businesses – whether it’s at the spas, restaurants, or the Lux Cinema, or overnight stays at the hotels,” Anto says.

“Banff is such a beautiful place, and I definitely call it my home now. I love working for a company and a team that I truly respect. They treat you so well that you’re more than an employee – you’re family.”

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